Arduino Powered Laser Show

I have finally gotten around to documenting my Arduino powered laser show that uses audio speakers for Galvos.

Full documentation and source code is available via this Instructable.

Quite happy with the way it works now:

The “home” for this project (and it’s Twitter … (read more)

SpeakerGen – Parametric 3d Printed Speaker Enclosures

3d print your own speaker enclosures!

This OpenSCAD / Thingiverse Customizer script lets you:
– Generate a box of any desired volume / ratio / wall thickness- Determine optimal sealed box size for any driver using Thiele / Small parameters (Qts, Vas and Fs)- Include … (read more)

Introducing BlinkyBird (for Google Glass)

UPDATE: BlinkyBird has inexplicably been updated to work with Glass XE22 (11/17/2014)!

I’ve been intending to write some kind of Google Glass app for the last several months – but was having trouble getting inspired.

Then it hit me – how about a Flappy Bird … (read more)

Biking the STP using a 3D Printed Shifter

About a week ago I finished my first major organized bike ride – the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic – or STP.



It’s 204 miles from start to finish – about 210 if you count starting at my house. Most people do the … (read more)