I have finally gotten around to documenting my Arduino powered laser show that uses audio speakers for Galvos.

Full documentation and source code is available via this Instructable.

Quite happy with the way it works now:

The “home” for this project (and it’s Twitter enabled version) is at: http://www.nothinglabs.com/laser/

I have no idea how many hours I’ve sunk into this project – but it’s a bunch. I would guess 60-80 hours on the Instructable itself.

My motivation to get the Instructable done is that they are having a contest for an Epilog laser cutter – the deadline being 4 days from now.

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One thought on “Arduino Powered Laser Show

  1. Great project.
    Sorry just found it 5 years after you built it.
    Thanks for all the work and education.

    I am wanting to build it now.



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