Arduino Powered Laser Show

I have finally gotten around to documenting my Arduino powered laser show that uses audio speakers for Galvos.

Full documentation and source code is available via this Instructable.

Quite happy with the way it works now:

The “home” for this project (and it’s Twitter … (read more)

More homemade laser show fun

Made a lot of progress since the last post:

No radical changes – just a bunch of minor tweaks adding up to better performance.

Will publish code / details in the next few weeks.… (read more)

Homemade laser show with homemade galvos

A week or so ago – I found one of these at Value Village for $2.

If it’s not obvious – it’s a little laser show toy. It projects a laser on the wall which moves with sound / music. Unfortunately they don’t seem to … (read more)