Project Showcase

Here are a few of my favorite personal projects.  Many of these are open source – so you can build your own!

If you’re interested my professional work – please see my profile on LinkedIn.

Open Melt
An open source motor control system that allows a robot to both drive and spin on a single wheel (“translational drift”).  Uses either an accelerometer or gyro to calculate orientation.  Many combat robot builders have implemented versions of this system on their own bots.

Electronic Cloud Chamber
I developed a technique for creating a cloud chamber using Peltier coolers.  Cloud chambers let you see paths left by radioactive particles as they pass through a supersaturation of alcohol vapor. I made a few pre-assembled versions – and are in use places like New York Hall of Science and Notre Dame.

Flappy bird for Google Glass.  Blink to flap!

3d-printed Friction Bike Shifter
A 3d-printed bike shifter I designed using SolidWorks.  Surprisingly durable.

Manic Marble
A simple but fun game I wrote for iOS:

Project NOMOON
An OpenSCAD script I developed to create spherical 3d-printed loud speakers.

Open source bike chainring design software. The CNC mill I have isn’t really intended for use with metal – so I figured I had to try…

Arduino Laser Show
Turns out you can make a laser show using some old speakers, an Arduino and some parts from Radio Shack the internet.  I later developed a version that interfaced with twitter to display tweets matching specified hashtags.