Here are a few of my favorite projects I’ve developed.  Many of these are open source – so you can build your own!

If you’d like more information about my skills check out my Resume.
You can see some mobile applications I’ve built in my App Portfolio.

Electronic Cloud Chamber
I developed a technique for creating a cloud chamber using Peltier coolers.  Cloud chambers let you see paths left by radioactive particles as they pass through a supersaturation of alcohol vapor. I made a few pre-assembled versions – and are in use places like New York Hall of Science and Notre Dame.


Flappy bird for Google Glass.  Blink to flap!


3d-printed Friction Bike Shifter
A 3d-printed bike shifter I designed using SolidWorks.  Surprisingly durable.


Open Melt
An open source motor control system that allows a robot to both drive and spin on a single wheel (“translational drift”).  Uses either an accelerometer or gyro to calculate orientation.  Many combat robot builders have implemented versions of this system on their own bots.


Manic Marble
A simple but fun game I wrote for iOS. You can check out all my Android and iOS apps at


Project NOMOON
An OpenSCAD script I developed to create spherical 3d-printed loud speakers.


Magic Wand
An interactive magic wand prototype for a client.  It incorporated RFID, gyro/accelerometer module, infrared and a bunch of LEDs.  I designed the 3d-printed enclosure in SolidWorks.


Open source bike chainring design software. The CNC mill I have isn’t really intended for use with metal – so I figured I had to try…


Arduino Laser Show
Turns out you can make a laser show using some old speakers, an Arduino and some parts from Radio Shack the internet.  I later developed a version that interfaced with twitter to display tweets matching specified hashtags.