More homemade laser show fun

Made a lot of progress since the last post:

No radical changes – just a bunch of minor tweaks adding up to better performance.

Will publish code / details in the next few weeks.… (read more)

Homemade laser show with homemade galvos

A week or so ago – I found one of these at Value Village for $2.

If it’s not obvious – it’s a little laser show toy. It projects a laser on the wall which moves with sound / music. Unfortunately they don’t seem to … (read more)

$2.50 iPhone Bumper Case

I just got my iPhone 4.

When I picked it up the first time – I cringed. It’s very pretty – but with a glass screen and a glass back – it seems leaving the house without a case is a recipe for disaster.

So … (read more)

Radiation Exposure Levels

I’ve been collecting a number of (relatively) low-level radioactive samples for use with my cloud chamber project.

Now that I’ve been playing with the stuff for a while – I figure it’s time to get a better understanding of radiation measurements so I can … (read more)