Introducing BlinkyBird (for Google Glass)

UPDATE: BlinkyBird has inexplicably been updated to work with Glass XE22 (11/17/2014)!

I’ve been intending to write some kind of Google Glass app for the last several months – but was having trouble getting inspired.

Then it hit me – how about a Flappy Bird … (read more)

Manic Marble 4 is out!

After much delay – Manic Marble 4 is out for iPad and iPhone now – click here to get it!


This release uses an all-new 3D engine (Oolong) – and has tons of new features:

10 New Levels
Translated to 10 languages
“Universal” app … (read more)

123D Catch

I’ve been playing with Autodesk’s 123D “Catch”

It’s a free app that transforms sequences of still images into a 3d model of an object.

Here’s a sample video I did:

It does the processing “in the cloud” – in conjunction with a client-side application.… (read more)