Tub Mate – Dry Ice Carbonated Yerba Mate

I finally got around to publishing my recipe / instructions for “Tub Mate” on Instructables.

For those unaware – Yerba Mate is a caffeine containing plant used similarly to tea or coffee by many South American cultures.

I have become a fan of a carbonated soda version from Germany – Club Mate – and decided to take a stab at brewing my own.

This version of mate is carbonated using a very small amount of dry ice as opposed to the usual equipment.

Check it out:

Please follow the instructions – otherwise you might die.

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2 thoughts on “Tub Mate – Dry Ice Carbonated Yerba Mate

  1. hey dude

    here from argentine, i took my traditional mate, two, three times a day, now enjoing my mate, and just reading about your cleaver laser cutter tip to print a pcb. fantastic, i will to do that!!!

    best regards, sergio

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