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Toy Box Physics

Check out the demo video on YouTube!

Toy Box Physics is your own personal 3D play space.

  • Use 23 included blocks and toys to build anything you like
  • Knock your creation over - or blow it up with explosives!
  • Spell out messages with the included letter blocks - then email them to friends!
  • Make your own working virtual dominoes course
  • Realistic physics engine provided by SIO2Interactive
  • Optional Upgrade Pack

  • Load and save up to 5 different scenes
  • Build something, save it - blow it up - reload it - then repeat!
  • Knock your dominoes course over - then set it up again just by reloading!
  • Autosave lets you exit the app - then restart exactly where you were
  • 11 more toys including: Spaceship, Helicopter, SUV, Semi-Truck and more!

  • Contact Support (support@spambutcher.com)

    Spaceship model by Psionic