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Independent Projects and Portfolio at:


Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy) implementation (embedded devices, iOS and Android)

Microcontrollers / embedded / electronics development (ARM Coretex, Atmel AVR, PIC)

Android application development, Java

iOS (iPhone / iPad) application development, Xcode / Objective C


Novo Nordisk (U.S. Device Research) / Seattle, WA

Concept Developer - December 2015 / Present

- Hardware and software development for devices pertaining to improved treatment of diabetes (details under NDA)

- Implemented electronics and firmware (NRF52 / Atmel AVR) for medical device prototypes utilzing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communication (NFC)

- Developed Android applications for processing medical data provided by devices via BLE / NFC

- Engineered blood glucose meter reference design for internal research projects

- Prototyped functional “communication bridge” product concept - enclosure designed with Creo CAD software / 3d printed on Stratasys Objet30

ARM / San Diego, CA

Senior iOS Developer (consulting) - November 2015 / February 2016

- Developed iOS application implementing custom Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) profiles with visualization of gyrosopic and temperature data

Artifact Technologies / Seattle, WA

Senior Software Engineer / Lead Android Developer - April 2015 / October 2015

- Lead development of Android version of “BattleKasters” - a location-based spell-casting adventure game played at fancons that utilizes iBeacon technology

- Implemented code pertaining to all aspects of game including UI implementation, RESTful server interactions and sprite sheet animation

- Created library to enable Bluetooth beacon detection on Android devices

ReelSonar Inc. / Seattle, WA

Android and iOS Developer (consulting) - August 2014 / December 2015

- Completed development of Android application for use with “iBobber”  - a castable fishfinder using Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) for communication

- Developed Android Wear and Apple Watch versions of application

- Added features and fixed bugs in existing iOS application

Wicentric Inc. / San Diego, CA

Android and iOS Developer (consulting) - March 2012 / January 2015

- Developed Android application visualizing data from remote sensor transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)

- Created multiple iOS applications utilizing Bluetooth 4.0 that updated firmware on embedded devices, rendered sensor data and implemented other Bluetooth profiles

Sammamish Fitness LLC / Sammamish, WA

Electrical Engineer (consulting) - February 2012 / February 2015
- Designed and implemented
Atmel AVR based embedded control system for fitness-related prototype

- Evaluated different sensors, mechanical actuators, batteries and microcontrollers to determine components most appropriate for project

- Implemented Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) firmware utilizing Nordic nRF8001 module

- Created Android application for user monitoring and control of device over Bluetooth 4.0

Shift Labs / Seattle, WA

Embedded Developer / Generalist (consulting) - February 2013 / January 2015

- Participated in prototyping and development of “DripAssist” IV fluid flow rate monitor

- Performed services such as 3d printing, Atmel AVR firmware development, PCB population (surface mount soldering) and electronics troubleshooting

Pugetworks / Seattle, WA

Software Developer (consulting) - February 2012 / June 2014

- Software development for clients such as, nFluence Media, Quadstreaker and CollegeSnapps

- iOS development projects involving geolocation services, mapping, Facebook authentication (OAuth), client-server integration, UI implementation, and animation

- Developed Microsoft Kinect gesture-tracking user interface using C# / XNA. Created as proof-of-concept implementation of existing touch-based iOS application.

Tiny Ninja / Seattle, WA

Electrical Engineer (consulting) - May 2013 / August 2013

- Developed hardware and software for "Harry Potter" style interactive magic wand prototype

- Technologies utilized include Arduino, RFID, I2C, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors

- Designed enclosure using SolidWorks and 3D printed on Makerbot Replicator 2

- Link to demo video at

Kiha Software (now / Seattle, WA

iOS Developer (contract) - September 2010 / January 2011

- Implemented search client for server-based Kiha PIM suite on iPhone utilizing JSON, SQLite, Objective C and Interface Builder

Independent Projects

Mobile App Development - 2009 / Ongoing

- Author of numerous independently authored iOS applications sold in the Apple App Store resulting in more than 50 thousand paid downloads and 1.3 million free downloads

- Manic Marble (iOS)

          3D marble maze game with realistic physics engine for iPhone and iPad

          Free version reached #2 most popular App Store download

- BlinkyBird (Google Glass / Android)

          Game inspired by “Flappy Bird”

          Utilizes eye sensor to detect user’s blinking to control bird

          Based on Cocos2d-x cross-platform gaming engine

          Free download and demo video at

- See for complete list of apps

Electronic Cloud Chamber (open source hardware development in 2011)

- Designed open-source product to visualize trails left by radioactive particles

- Uses electronic cooling to super-cool alcohol vapor - creating a supersaturated environment in which ionization trails appear

- Utilized by New York Hall of Science and Notre Dame for teaching purposes and implemented by dozens of hobbyists

Open Melt Robot Control System (open source project)

- Embedded system (Atmel AVR / C) for "translational drift" robot control

- Allows robot to spin at 2000+rpm and have directional control by modulating wheel power

- Utilized by many builders of combat robots ("Battlebots") in their designs

- Featured in March 2008 and June 2010 "Servo" Magazine

SpamButcher (independent software product) - 2002 / 2012

- Windows anti-spam software uses "fuzzy logic" to eliminate 95-98% of spam email

- Thousands of copies sold over lifespan of product

Earlier Positions

The LUX Group / Seattle, WA

IT Director - April 2003 / November 2008

- Supported development and project management in the creation of websites for organizations such as Boeing Museum of Flight, Cray Inc., Tommy Bahama, and Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation / Issaquah, WA

Systems Engineer (contract) - January 2003 / April 2003

- Implemented load balancing for for improved performance

Fisher Communications / Seattle, WA

Web Administrator (contract) - March 2001 / March 2002

- Supported Windows NT based hosting of television web sites including KOMOTV.COM

- Appeared on KOMO 4 News as an expert on Internet security for multiple stories including an exposé on the State of Washington mishandling Social Security Numbers online

Saltmine LLC. / Seattle, WA

MIS Manager - April 1996 to August 2000

Senior Systems Administrator (contract) - October 2000 / February 2001

- Deployed and supported over thirty-five web hosting and development servers utilizing Windows NT web sites such as PGATOUR.COM, and SEATTLESBESTCOFFEE.COM

- Managed MIS team to provide support for over 70 end-users

Microsoft Corporation / Redmond, WA

Technical Coordinator (contract) - March 1994 / June 1995

Technical Assistant Intern - June 1991 / August 1993

- Responsible for design and deployment of Windows demonstrations for industry events such as COMDEX and Windows 3.1 launch


Edmonds Community College (1991-1994 part-time)

Western Washington University (1995-1996)