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Quiet Noise

Quiet Noise provides a number of different soothing sounds that can help you mask out unwanted noises, drift off to sleep or just relax.

Multiple sounds can be played at once to provide the best ambient sound experience for your needs.

Quiet Noise's built-in shutoff timer lets you leave it playing at night without fear of waking up to a drained battery.

Quiet Noise's optional alarm makes it the perfect powernap companion. Set the timer for as long as you'd like to nap, and you'll be woken up just in time for the big meeting.

Included sounds:

  • White Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Low Frequency Rumble
  • Raging River
  • Air Conditioner
  • Distant Helicopter
  • Warning:
    Listening to music or other sounds at high volume for extended periods of time may cause permanent hearing loss.

    Contact Support (support@spambutcher.com)

    Credits / Further Documentation:
    "Raging River" image is provided courtesy of "ClaudioT" via morguefile.com (original file name: Valle_d__Aosta_-_Orrido.jpg).
    Sounds from freesound.org: alarmclockbeeps.aif by tedthetrumpet, deep pulse_02.L-Joined.wav by martian, TreinBoemel_kort.wav by HerbertBoland